Common terms

Term Definition
Trip Represents the entire itinerary, passenger set, and product set that a customer has.
Basket A set of products that have been selected but not yet purchased by the customer. Gordian keeps its own state of the basket to know what the customer picked.
Journey A single length of a ticket's travel, made up of one or more segments. A one-way trip has a journey, and round trip has two journeys.
Segment A portion of a journey, from a boarding point to a deplaning point of the given flight.
In-funnel Position of ancillary offer during the customer journey, before the payment has been made and the flight has been ticketed
Post-booking Position of ancillary offer after the flight booking has been made. For example, payment confirmation page, Manage My Booking, etc.
Airline PNR Passenger Name Record (PNR) of the Airline, not the GDS or aggregator