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Getting started

To integrate with the Gordian API, follow these steps:

  1. Get your API key.
  2. Select authentication and authorization methods.
  3. Implement your customer journey.
  4. Subscribe to notifications. (Optional)

API key

Gordian controls access to airline information and processes through the Gordian API. To get access to the Gordian API, contact your account manager to receive your API key. If you do not have an account manager, request a demo.

Your account manager may provide different API keys for the testing and production environments. This documentation does not mention specific API keys, so you can select which one to use depending on your needs.


Your API key carries many privileges, so be sure to keep it secure! Do not share your API key in publicly accessible areas such as client-side code, GitHub, and so forth.

Now that you have your API key, check out the authentication and authorization options to decide which best suits your needs.

Authentication and authorization

Gordian’s authentication and authorization options allow you to interact with the Gordian API securely. You can select which option to use depending on how your application is organized:

  • Is the application entirely done in the backend?
  • Do you want to access the API from the frontend?
  • Do you have a mix of frontend and backend?

See all the details in the authentication and authorization page.

Once you decide how to authenticate and get authorization, you can use the API to enable a customer journey.

Customer journey

You can implement a full customer journey with Gordian: from searching for new flights to reimbursing customers due to cancellations. You can start a customer journey whether you have an existing record locator or you want to start a new trip from scratch. For better understanding, you can split a customer journey in the following steps:

  1. Create a trip
  2. Build a trip
    1. Search for flights or ancillaries
    2. Add products to the basket
    3. Verify the basket items
  3. Fulfill a trip
  4. Cancel a trip

See all the details in the Customer journey page.

As part of your implementation process, consider subscribing to notifications to improve the customer journey experience.


To keep you informed of trip changes, Gordian provides subscription based notifications for trip events such as:

  • Fulfillment process is complete
  • Cancellation process is complete
  • An involuntary change occurred
  • An involuntary cancellation occurred
  • The booking needs customer action

You can subscribe and unsubscribe to these events to save you time and resources when handling changes.