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Add Ancillaries to Basket

Add to Basket

To check an ancillary and prepare it for purchase, put it in the basket. You have multiple ways to add ancillaries to the basket:

Once an ancillary is in the basket, it has a validity tag that may be one of the following values:

  • checking: Gordian is checking the ancillary. Continue to poll the basket information for an updated state.
  • valid: Gordian holds the ancillary to ensure it is available for your customer.
  • price_changed: There has been a price change since the last time it was checked.
  • needs_check: The date in valid_until has passed and the ancillary needs a check.
  • unavailable: The ancillary is no longer available.

Validate Basket

Review the contents of the basket by polling the basket contents.

At this point the user should complete the checkout flow on your website, you should charge the user for the ancillary and the ticket.