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Create Trip and Search

Step 1: Create a trip with Gordian

All ancillary searches are linked to a trip, which represents a user’s trip.


This assumes you have received your api key. If you haven't please consult the getting started guide

To create a trip and search for ancillaries, from your backend server, use the endpoint with your api_key. More details below:


This combines the create a trip and start a search request steps by using in the Gordian system and the create trip call by using the search object in the create trip call.

Use the markup field if you would like to set the markup. Gordian is able to configure the markup for you if you prefer.

Fare class, fare basis, and fare family allow Gordian to retrieve the most accurate pricing and availability. Gordian strongly recommends you provide them. If, however, you can't for any reason, you can inputnull to retrieve results.

Step 2: Poll the Search Results

Poll the search results endpoint until you get ancillaries options.

The search results contain a complete list of the benefits, including a representation of the seat map so you can present all the prices to the customer.