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Integration Process

We're very excited that you've chosen to integrate with Gordian, and we look forward to helping your business provide the many products that we offer to your customers. The following describes the high level steps of the integration process, starting from when you decide to work with Gordian all the way up to your first sale of a Gordian Product and beyond.

Step 1 - Kick off

The first step will be to hold a kick-off call which will include the following members of the Gordian team: your account manager, a product owner, and an engineer. During this call we will discuss the products you are interested in integrating. Contact us to set up this kick off call

Step 2 - Get Access

Following this conversation, the following actions will occur in parallel:

  • You will receive an invitation to a shared Slack channel between our teams
  • We will issue you sandbox credentials to allow you to start exploring the API
  • Your account manager will send an initial commercial proposal

Step 3 - Align

One to two weeks following the kick-off call, we will schedule a check-in call with your account manager to discuss the commercial proposal, the integration scope, and the roll-out timeline.

Step 4 - Integrate

Following this call, you should start the technical integration process in the sandbox environment.

In addition, the Gordian team will review the portal, invoicing, and credential bridging (as applicable) with you.


As the engineering team is completing the integration of Gordian’s API, the Gordian team will introduce you to the Gordian portal. The portal allows for different roles for your finance team, your customer care team, and your administrators. The portal will contain information including your organization’s invoices, bookings, and available content.


We will send you a template of the invoice we will send to you, so you can receive sign off from your finance team. We will need the email address to which we should send the invoices at agreed cadence.

Credential bridging

If as part of the integration, we will be bridging credentials with a GDS, we will work with you to start that process, such that from day one, everything can be configured using your PCC, if desired.

Leveraging your PCCs allows us to automatically attach the ancillary, and thus eliminates any lag between when the user selects a seat and when we attempt to attach it.

Your account manager will advise on what information is needed and detailed next steps.

Step 5 - Test

Following the successful integration of the Gordian API in a sandbox or cert environment, we will schedule a session for pre-launch end-to-end-testing with both teams. During this testing session, you will complete several end-to-end bookings and Gordian engineers will monitor and verify the requests.

See more information on the launch_protocol here.

Step 6 - Launch

After confirmation of the integration, the Gordian team will issue production credentials. The teams will agree on a launch date with a portion of traffic and will schedule a call with members of both teams to monitor the initial release.

Step 7 - Monitor

Following the launch, we will monitor incoming traffic and provide updates in the shared Slack channel.