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Access Paid Seats for Major American Carriers

American, Delta, and United Airlines require special provisioning to access. Please see the details of the availability of these paid seats per airline and ticket source and how to gain access to these airlines.

  • AA paid seats are available through Sabre, the AA Farelogix API, and AA's NDC API.
  • DL paid seats are available through Travelport and Amadeus.
  • UA paid seats are available through Travelport, Amadeus, and UA's NDC API.

If you are going to source paid seats through a GDS, please follow the below steps to ensure your PCCs/Office IDs are correct configured.


Receiving the provisioning to gain access to these seats depends on the GDS, so Gordian recommends allocating at least 3 weeks.

Check you have access from the airline

Make sure you have permission from each airline to sell paid seats via a GDS, you can check this with your account manager or IATA partner.

Check you have access on each PCC

Check with your GDS account manager to make sure the content is enabled for the PCC you are using.

Enable Gordian access to each PCC

Setup access for Gordian to your PCC. For Travelport and Sabre this means you will be asking your GDS account manager to bridge Gordian’s PCC (share PCC info) to yours. For Amadeus you will be requesting sub-credentials on behalf of Gordian.

Gordian will configure the credentials

Gordian will configure the PCC setup on their side.

Perform test bookings

Make test bookings together with Gordian to ensure the flow is working as designed.