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Phase 3 - Set up changes and cancellations

Once the booking flow is set up and callbacks are in place, the next step is to enable the servicing piece, which means changing or canceling an ancillary.


For all API calls we provide examples but you can also reference them in our Postman Collection.

1. How to change a booked ancillary

To change an existing booking, follow these steps:

  1. Use the same trip_id of the trip you registered.
  2. Search for products
    • The prices in the search results are the cost of changing, not the base prices.
  3. Proceed with checking and booking changes using the same process as before.

2. How to receive or know about involuntary changes

If you subscribed to notifications, you receive a callback in the event of the following involuntary changes (i.e. changes carried out by the airline):

  • involuntary_change: there is no action to be taken by the customer. For example, the schedule changed by a small amount.
  • involuntary_cancellation: The product has been cancelled and refunded. Each product has its own refund_amount property.
  • customer_action_needed: the customer must choose an option:
  • Get a refund. They can proceed through the cancellation process.
    • Select an alternative. The customer must select an alternative from a list. Add the selection to the basket and fulfill. If the booking has ancillaries and there was a change, you receive an involuntary_change callback.

3. Cancel a booked ancillary

When the customer wants to cancel a booking, follow these steps:

  1. Start a cancellation check for every product in the booking.

  2. Poll cancellation details endpoint to get the results of the check. It includes the refund amount for the products and each product that would be cancelled with it, for example, seat or bag selection.

  3. Confirm cancellation. Starts the cancellation with the airline.

  4. Poll the trip information endpoint to see the status of the cancellation.

  5. Each of the products in the orders object has its own status.


Subscribe to the Cancellation Completed callback to receive a notification with the final state of the process.

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