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Whether you use deposit or credit card payments, Gordian sends you a file, along with your invoice, containing payments and refunds information.

The following are the item types in the file:

  • Fulfillment: a product was fulfilled. If Gordian paid on your behalf, you need to reimburse Gordian.
  • Refund: a product was refunded. This is a negative amount. You must refund the customer for this amount.
  • Failed Fulfillment: a product was not fulfilled successfully. This is a $0 amount. You must refund the customer whatever you charged them for this product.
  • Adjustment: if there was a system error that requires a manual adjustment, Gordian accounts for this on a separate line (extremely rare).

The following are the fields in the file:

  • Index
  • Item: Fulfillment, Refund, Failed Fulfillment, Adjustment
  • Gordian Session ID: ID for the trip in the Gordian system.
  • Gordian Product ID: ID for the product in the Gordian system.
  • Product Description: For example, "CX1234 Seat 13A"
  • Agent ID: ID for the product in your system.
  • Date
  • Base Cost: Base cost in the currency it was booked.
  • Commission: Commission due to Gordian for this product.
  • Currency: Currency of the booking.
  • Base Cost (USD): Base cost in USD.
  • Commission (USD): Commission due to Gordian in USD.