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Payment Settlements

Stripe Account

Payments and fund transfers and distribution is all handled through Stripe on our backend. However we do not require our partners to setup a Stripe Account.

Payment Flow

Whitelabel Payment Flowchart

  1. In step one, our partners will have a discusstion with goridan to determine their markups on seats and baggages as well as the revenue split for the fulfilled sales.

  2. Payment is made by the passengers directly using their own credit card

  3. Gordian receives payment minus the stripe transaction fees

  4. In the event of a failed fullfillment,

    1. a status update is sent to partner's callback endpoint
    2. Refund process is started automatically to refund the passenger the amount they paid directly through their original payment method
  5. In the event of a successful fullfillment,

    1. The transactions are collated on a weekly or monthly basis and the invoice is sent over to our partners for settlement.
    2. A status update is sent to partner's callback. A confirmation email is sent to the passengers and partners with their ancillary confirmation.