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Automatic Check-in

What is Automatic Check-in?

In addition to seats, bags, and other ancillary products that can be offered to the customer and added to a flight booking, Gordian offers an Automatic Check-in product. With Automatic Check-in, customers don't need to worry about checking into their flight themselves - Gordian takes care of checking them in, choosing a seat (if available), and obtaining their boarding pass.

Gordian will notify you when the check-in process is complete, and will provide you the boarding pass information for the customer. You can then deliver that boarding pass and other flight check-in information to the customer as you see fit, allowing you to completely own the customer experience.


To get access to the Gordian's Automatic Check-in product, request access through your account manager. If you do not have an Account Manager, request a demo.


Adding Automatic Check-in

You can add Automatic Check-in to a trip just like adding any other ancillary that Gordian offers. To learn how to add ancillaries to a trip, please follow the Ancillaries tutorial.

Check-in process

Typically, once ancillaries like seats and bags are fulfilled through Gordian, there's not much else to do – the customer already has their seats or bags for their flight confirmed, and just need to show up. However, the Automatic Check-in ancillary differs from other ancillaries in that there are additional actions that need to be taken post-fulfillment. Namely, this is completing the check-in and the delivery of the boarding pass to the customer.

Gordian handles completing the check-in and provides you the information you need to deliver the boarding pass to the customer in a timely manner. Once the boarding window opens — typically 24 hours before flight departure — Gordian attempts to complete the check-in process. Once the check-in process is complete, Gordian will deliver a callback to an endpoint of your choice indicating the result of the check-in. When the check-in is successful, Gordian will provide you with the information you'll need to obtain the customer boarding pass so that you can then deliver the boarding pass to them as you see fit. In the case that Gordian isn't able to successfully complete check-in, we will deliver a callback indicating that check-in wasn't successful.


To view a sample callback, please see the check in completed callback