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Phase 4 - Get Production Key

Almost done! Final steps in getting your first integration set up:

  • Step 1: Perform a full booking on your end via our Launch Protocol to ensure you are ready to receive real traffic to book bags. Once you have completed, share the PNR with your Gordian Account Manager.
  • Step 2: Reach out to schedule a call with your Gordian Account Manager. This will allow us to review go-live dates, confirm carriers we are turning on, and make sure reporting is working smoothly.
  • Step 3: Upon Gordian verification of results you will be awarded a Production Key 🔑
  • Final: You will also receive access to the Gordian Partner Portal. You can set up different roles for your finance team, your customer care team, and your administrators. The Gordian Partner Portal will contain information including your organization’s invoices, bookings, and available content.

We are excited to partner with you! For any direct questions, feel free to reach out to your Gordian Account Manager or direct slack channel with Gordian.

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