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You can use Gordian's API to make changes to bookings, whether they were booked through Gordian or another channel.

In this guide, we'll review how to service a flight booking that wasn't created through Gordian initially.


Bookings that were not created using Gordian must be registered with us 24 hours before any servicing requests.

Registration is done by creating a trip and including the information about the flight from your other provider.


The flow for cancelling a booking is:

  1. Start a cancellation check - initiate a check to see what the customer will receive in the case of a cancellation

  2. Get cancellation details - poll for the results of that check. This will include the refund amount for the requested product and each product that would be cancelled with it (e.g. seat, bag selection). If the booking cannot be cancelled via Gordian, you will be notified in this call.

  3. Confirm cancellation

Once the cancellation message has been sent, we will process the cancellation and then send you a Cancellation Completed callback (assuming you have already subscribed to that callback event).

Each of the products in the “orders” section will have their own status, which you should check to see whether the cancellation succeeded or failed.


To change a booking, just search for flights. The flight search will use the context of your existing booked trip.

  • The prices shown in the search results will be the cost of changing, not base prices

  • Proceed with checking / booking changes using the same flow as the initial search

Involuntary Change / Irregular Ops

You can subscribe to callbacks to hear about involuntary changes even on bookings that were not performed through Gordian.

Depending on the callback, it will determine what to do next:

  • “Involuntary Change” - when there is no action to be taken by the user. E.g. when the schedule changes by only a small amount.

  • “Customer action needed” - there are alternatives which the user can select from. These are presented as a list of products, which you can add to the basket and fulfill.

    • If there are ancillaries attached to the booking, then there will need to be a two step process:

      1. Select the alternative ticket

      2. If any of the attached ancillaries change you will receive a “involuntary change” callback

    • If the customer would instead prefer a refund, they can proceed through the cancellation process

  • “Involuntary Cancellation” - The product has been cancelled and refunded

    • Each product with this status will have a “refund_amount” property containing the amount of the refund